‘Support policies for greenhouses need to be revised’

February 22, 2023 - 10:53

TEHRAN- Support policies for greenhouses need to be revised, the head of the Agriculture Department of Ardebil Province, in the northwest of Iran, emphasized.

Saying that the cost of the construction and transfer of greenhouses is high, Nader Taqizadeh reiterated that the policies supporting greenhouse owners should be reviewed.

If the costs of constructing the greenhouses are reduced by at least half, many problems in this sector will be solved and the development of greenhouses will be accelerated, he added.

In addition to the establishment of greenhouse villages, small-scale greenhouses should also be supported and given serious attention, because with little capital, they increase the amount of employment and production, the official further commented.

The head of the Ardebil province Agriculture Department also emphasized the training of workers, employers, and agricultural technical supervisors regarding the updating of information and equipment from the production process to the export of greenhouse products.

It is while Mohammad-Mehdi Boroumand, the deputy agriculture minister for horticulture affairs, has recently said, “Now the area of greenhouses has increased to 25,000 hectares in the country, and by using the capacities of the private sector and the government, efforts are being made to make policies in this area towards the creation of large-scale greenhouses.”

Saying that the country was dependent to build structures for the establishment of greenhouses, the official underlined, “At the present time, we can provide the knowledge and technique in this due to other countries.”


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