Iran dedicated to multilateral nuclear talks, diplomacy: Foreign Ministry

March 6, 2023 - 21:5

TEHRAN- Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani insisted on Monday that the Islamic Republic adheres to diplomacy and that its participation in nuclear discussions were in accordance with the Islamic Republic’s adherence to multiple dialogue and diplomacy.

Kanaani was referring to the nuclear negotiations that started in April 2021 to revive the 2015 nuclear deal but the talks came to a standstill in the summer of 2022 as the Biden administration is refusing to lift the sanctions imposed during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Speaking at his weekly news conference, Kanaani stated that Iran’s interactive approach over the past week has been palpable that has the potential to foster a climate for the settlement of remaining issues as well as the augmentation of interactions to resume nuclear negotiations.

Iran has stated its intention to re-enter the nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), therefore IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi’s tour to Tehran is part of the Iranians’ active diplomacy, which will result in excellent mutual understandings. Grossi visited Iran on Friday and Saturday. He held talks with the Iranian president, foreign minister and nuclear chief.  

He said that while “we should wait and see” if the other side would adopt the same course of action or not

Resolving the issues will disarm those who attempt to obstruct returning to the diplomatic path, the spokesman noted.

The official continued by saying that Iran has exercised all of its legal and political rights to uphold those rights, and that it has repeatedly underlined its rights in accordance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) when it comes to its collaboration with the IAEA.

“Deputy FM attends NAM summit in Azerbaijan”

When asked about the deputy foreign minister’s tour to the capital of the Azerbaijan Republic, Kanaani noted that Mehdi Safari traveled there to attend the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit. 

Fortunately, the trip had opened the door for meetings with vice president and foreign minister of the Azerbaijan Republic.

“Attack on Azerbaijan embassy”

On the January 27 attack on Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran by a gunman, he pointed out that the man had broken into the embassy for personal reasons.

He added the Iranian judiciary had looked into the matter, and Iran had stated its willingness to work with an Azerbaijani team on this matter.

“No formal Iran-U.S. talks”

Kanaani also pointed out that there haven’t been any open or formal discussions between Iran and the U.S., but that the U.S. side has affirmed that the two sides continue to communicate through intermediaries.

“Iran-Belgium prisoners swap”

Given an accord between Belgium and Iran on a prisoner swap, he also said the deal had been prepared earlier but had not been carried out due to political issues in Belgium. 

He added that it can be useful in the case of Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi, who has been unlawfully detained in Belgium. 

Thus, the Iranian national should be unconditionally released, and Austria and Germany have also been informed of the situation, he continued.

“Iran sees Egypt as a regional power”

In response to a query on relations between Egypt and Iran, he stated that Cairo is not an exception to Tehran's desire to strengthen ties with friendly countries since Tehran sees Egypt as a regional power.

The new Iraqi government has been seeking to mend ties between Iran and Egypt.

“Moves on Afghanistan-Iran borderline”

Regarding the unconventional behavior of Taliban forces on Afghanistan–Iran border, he asserted that Iranian authorities immediately pursued the bitter accident.

The unique situation in neighboring Afghanistan sometimes result in a situation need to be taken seriously and promptly addressed.

The Tasnim news agency reported on Sunday that Afghan border guards clashed with Iranian guards near the city of Pol-Milak in Sistan-Baluchestan province. There were no casualties. 

Iran has been saying that it is ready to train Afghan border guards to avoid unwanted incidents.

“Reconstruction in Syria”

On Iran’s involvement in Syria’s reconstruction, Kanaani stated that while he does not have exact figures, the two countries have a close relationship and certain Iranian firms are involved in investment activities in the Arab nation.

“Israel’s ties with Turkmenistan not official”

When asked about the Zionist regime’s plan to open embassy in Ashgabat, which is 12 miles away from the Islamic Republic, Kanaani said Ashgabat and Tehran have very good and friendly relations and the Turkmenistan government is aware of the issues between the Zionist regime and Iran. 

He added the regime’s relations with Turkmenistan are not significant and they have not yet established an official relationship.

“Israel suffers from myriad of problems”

Regarding the widespread demonstrations in the occupied Palestinian territories, he said the Zionist regime is suffering from a myriad of problems, including political and security ones.

Noting that the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are home to Palestinian resistance groups, he reiterated Tehran’s long-held policy that resistance is the only option for the Palestinians to attain independence and expel the occupation forces.

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