Unveiling ceremony of the book “Blood Being Passed”

The Figure Who Narrates the History of Kashan

April 4, 2023 - 17:25

The unveiling ceremony of the book "Blood Being Passed" was held with the presence of the theorist and historian, Yaghub Tavakoli; The author of literature, Ali Asghar Ezatipak, and the family of the late Mohammad Rasulzadeh.

This book is written by Hadi Lotfi and it narrated the life of Haj Muhammad Rasulzadeh. He was one of the popular fighters and pioneers of the Islamic Revolution in Kashan, and after getting to know Nawab Safavi, he established the Kashan branch of The Devotees of Islam (Fada'iyan-e Islam).

At the beginning of this ceremony, Tavakoli stated that for him, his name and Kashan are always connected with the story of The Devotees of Islam.

“In Iran, almost after all the failures we had, we always faced a big problem, and that was the intense fear of foreign military forces and foreign influences. Iran was occupied in World War II. No one protested except these three soldiers who stood up and were martyred,” he said. 

Tavakoli expressed his happiness about the publication of this book about one of the bravest men, and the fact that the center of developments in Kashan is described very well, and Rasulzadeh's activities too.

Ali Asghar Ezatipak explained that history reports what happened correctly, but we have to see for whom we are telling the story.

“With this book, I reviewed the history of Kashan and for me, the contemporary history of Kashan was formed with the character of Rasulzadeh,” he said.

Hadi Lotfi, the author of the book, further said: “I had heard Rasulzadeh's name in my father's stories. We lived in Shiraz until years later when we migrated to Kashan. I was born a year after Rasulzadeh's martyrdom, and when I entered the studies office, Rasulzadeh's name was among the first people we had to work on, so I did it voluntarily.”

He explained that at first, he found a long list of people to be interviewed and this list was so long that it was as if all the people of the city have memorable moments with him!

Over time, they collected the memories and according to him, his whole effort was to introduce Rasulzadeh in a way that the younger generation can also read his memories in the form of interesting stories.

Then, Tavakoli added that pain can be read and written in different ways. There is a general policy and that is to fictionalize history because it makes it way more interesting.

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