Logical confrontation in the field of diplomacy

April 17, 2023 - 21:43

In a commentary, Farhikhtegan has pointed to the Sunday remarks of the Leader in his meeting with the senior military commanders.

It wrote: The advice of the Leader of the revolution to the military commanders regarding a rational confrontation with the policies of the enemies, especially after the recent agreement between Tehran and Riyadh, can also have a significant message, a message that Iran has sent many times in the field of foreign policy with its actions and has removed the shadow of useless and destructive wars on the country.  The outcome of this strategy is that, instead of Iran, the enemies bear the military costs, and in the end, they leave shameful memories such as the disgraceful American withdrawal from Afghanistan on the minds of the people in the world.

Arman-e-Emrooz: Role of parties in passionate elections

In a note, Arman-e-Emrooz discussed the ways to make this year's elections more exciting and wrote: Parties represent different tastes and interests of the people.  We have parties in the country and even in the provinces. Provincial parties have closer and more direct relations with the people and normally they can be more effective to encourage people to go to the polls.  From this point of view, the number of political parties, groups and political currents are not small and if they seriously enter the fray, they can encourage people to participate in the elections enthusiastically.  The ethnic, tribal, and family affiliations that existed in the past and prejudices to elect a person from one’s own tribe no longer work and in most parts of the country the citizens should welcome behaviors in which parties play a greater role.

Vatan-e-Emrooz: The Air Force's Transformation year

In an analysis, Vatan-e-Emrooz addressed the issue of the purchase of Sukhoi 35 from Russia. It wrote: The purchase of new generation of Russian fighter planes, which its news was published in the media a few years ago, can be one of the most important events in the armed forces of our country in recent years.  In the past years, due to sanctions, Iran was not able to "buy/sell" new equipment "from/to" foreign countries, but these sanctions were canceled on 18 October 2020 based on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 as one of the clauses of the JCPOA and, according to the announcement of the Foreign Ministry, "all limitations on the transfer of weapons "to and from" Iran, and also actions and financial services related to it and all prohibitions on entering or crossing the territory of UN member states, which previously were imposed against some citizens and  Iran's military officials, were automatically terminated.

This event will undoubtedly mark the beginning of the revival of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which can change many equations and the balance of power in the region.

Kayhan: Why do they attack religious values?

The Kayhan newspaper wrote in its editorial that since the religiosity of the Iranian nation is the root of important changes in the region and the world, it is the target of hybrid attacks from the West and Westerners. Tens of billions of dollars were spent during the last decade to promote America while trying to tarnish the image of Islam and the Islamic Republic in the eyes of the Iranian people. With all this, you can see the unity and spiritual power of the Iranian nation during the mourning days of Muharram, the magnificent Arbaeen rituals, the stunning rallies on Bahman 22nd and Quds Day coupled with Qadr Nights throughout the country. At the same time and despite all the efforts to embellish the U.S., the Iranian people in West Asia have the highest level of distrust towards the U.S.  According to the results of the latest survey by the American Gallup Institute in 13 Muslim countries, 81% of Iranian people do not trust America, and the people of Tunisia, Turkey, Palestine and Iraq are ranked next with 75-78 percent. Also, 20 years after the U.S. attack on Iraq, 72% of Iraqis doubt America's goals and only 26% believe that America is serious in its commitment to democracy.  This percentage of optimism in Afghanistan is only 14%.

Siasat-e-Rooz: Hijab and a historical lesson

In its editorial, Siasat-e-Rooz discussed the issue of hijab and the West's program in this matter and wrote: In history, some examples can be found that the enemies have taken action to destroy Islam through immorality and creating corruption in Islamic societies. A clear example that we can mention is the failure of the Islamic government in Europe in which the Europeans depraved Muslims through prevalence of promiscuity and then with military action overthrew the brilliant rule of Islam in parts of Europe after several hundred years. This is while that most of the progress of Europe was due to the government that Islam had built in a corner of this continent.
Even now, the West, which has an old enmity with Islam, has targeted the Islamic world by launching civil wars and making direct and indirect interventions in addition to culture wars. For this reason, undermining hijab is on their agenda.  It must be acknowledged that we have not spoken to the youth in the country on this important religious issue and we have not answered the questions in their minds.

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