Raisi inaugurates major development projects in Khuzestan province

April 28, 2023 - 15:12

TEHRAN- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi traveled to the southwestern Khuzestan province on Thursday, and inaugurated a number of development projects and visited some underway plans in the province during his two-day trip.

As reported, 11 ministers and five vice presidents accompanied Raisi during the second provincial trip of the president and cabinet to Khuzestan.

The president inaugurated the project to double track 70 kilometers of the important Ahvaz-Andimeshk railway, Andimeshk Combined Cycle Power Plant, water supply projects to several villages, and Howeyzeh Refinery in his trip to Khuzestan.

He also participated in the celebration ceremony of the revival of 160 inactive units of Khuzestan in Dezful county, paid a monitoring visit to the Ghadir water transfer project, meet the people of Andimeshk and Shadegan, as well as entrepreneurs, managers, and cultural activists of the province during his travel.

Raisi inaugurated the project to double track 70 kilometers of the Ahvaz-Andimeshk railway in the first day of his visit to the province.

The construction of the second railway line from Ahvaz to Andimeshk is one of the approved projects of the first visit of the president to Khuzestan, and 70 km of the second railway line was inaugurated by the president during this trip.

It is one of the major infrastructure projects of the province.

The said 70 kilometers of this line was built at the cost of 40 trillion rials (about $95.3 million).

Increasing the speed of passenger trains to 120 km/h and increasing the annual load capacity of this rail axis from 10 million tons to 14 million tons are among the benefits of this project.

The 307-MW gas units of Dokouheh Combined Cycle Power Plant of Andimeshk, which was built at the cost of €142 million, was the other inaugurated project.

Enjoying one gas unit and one steam unit with a total capacity of 451 megawatts, Dokouhe Combined Cycle Power Plant is one of the most efficient power plants under construction in the country.

Raisi also inaugurated some major projects in the oil industry during his travel to the oil-rich province, including three large projects to collect flare gases.

Regional electricity projects worth 87 trillion rials (about $207 million) were also inaugurated by the president in his trip to Khuzestan.


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