Over 38,000 multiple births registered since March 2022

May 8, 2023 - 16:55

TEHRAN - Since the beginning of the past Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2022), 38,321 multiples have been born in the country.

Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Khuzestan, and Isfahan provinces had the highest number of multiple births with 6,093 cases, 3,096 cases, 2,864 cases, and 2,121 cases respectively, ISNA reported.

Last year, a total of 18,205 twins, 602 triplets, and 25 quadruplets were born in the country.

President Ebrahim Raisi has urged all responsible bodies and organizations to adopt national policies in line with the goal of population growth.

All the institutions and organizations of the country are obliged to prepare their plans and programs within the framework of the population growth policy and follow up on their implementation seriously, he said, IRIB reported.

He referred to "population" as one of the important and key points in the 7th national development plan (2021-2026).

The president considered promoting the culture of marriage and reducing divorce and helping to solve the problem of infertility as some of the effective factors in increasing the population, which should be the priority of attention and action of all institutions.

In line with the "Law on Family and Youth Support", Iran has introduced several plans, including the facilitation of housing, low-interest loans, and longer maternity leave.

By a decree issued by President Ebrahim Raisi, the "Law on Family and Youth Support" approved by the Majlis (Iranian Parliament) was notified to the Ministry of Health and the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs.

The Guardian Council approved the law on November 17, 2021, to implement a population growth and family support plan for 7 years to change the declining trend of childbearing.

The plan stipulates health insurance for infertile couples, providing services and facilities to working women, providing health and nutrition support packages to mothers and children, educational opportunities for student mothers, providing livelihood support to families, and ongoing medical services to pregnant women.


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