St. Petersburg-Persian Gulf highway on operational rail

May 17, 2023 - 21:34

In a commentary, Farhikhtegan discussed the railway cooperation between Iran and Russia.

It wrote: One of the serious gifts that Iran’s special geopolitical conditions has provide for us is the transit opportunity that Iran’s geography enjoys.

 The Western governments, by provoking opposition currents to increase tensions in the fall of 1401, wanted to make Iran appear insecure and finally to pursue the project of isolating Tehran’s diplomatic representatives in capitals around the world. But the Iranian society preferred to reject the anti-Iranian groups and instead pay attention to national interests and to establish security again in the country’s cities. By re-establishing security in the streets, the project of isolating Iran has completely failed.  The riot project was intended to achieve the goal of bypassing Iran and creating alternative transit routes. But after re-establishing stability in the cities of the country, the government decided to complete the rest of the North-South strategic super-project by signing an agreement that was concluded on Wednesday. With its completion, in the long term, we will see the revival of Iran’s role as the transit highway of the region and somehow “transit intersection of the world”.

 Kayhan: Turkish elections shamed self-proclaimed reformists 

 Kayhan dedicated its headline to the Turkish elections and said: Although the difference in number of votes between Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu was not more than 2.5 million, Kilicdaroglu’s supporters did not claim fraud in the elections and did not engage in chaos.  

Turkey’s elections and the behavior of Kilicdaroglu’s supporters remind us of our country’s elections in 1388 (2009).  When the self-proclaimed reformers, despite the fact that the difference in number of votes between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi was more than 11 million, [13 million votes versus 24.5 million] acted upon the orders of the American, British and Israeli intelligence services and rioted against Islamism, republicanism of system and people’s votes. In addition, they considered Erdogan as their model of development and democracy; and while praising the Islamism of Erdogan’s secular government, they compared it to the Islamic Republic and said that Turkey has progressed because separating religion from politics.  However, despite Erdogan’s government’s trust in the West and the United States and serving as a slave for NATO and the United States in their war-mongering campaigns, neither Turkey became a member of the European Union nor it experienced economic prosperity. The West even did not avoid engineering a coup against Erdogan.  In addition, after the coup in Turkey and the repression of the accused by Erdogan, some of the same reformists said this is also the record of Islamists and their oppression (!)

Sobh-e-No: Turkish elections is a lesson for reformists

In its editorial, Sobh-e-No addressed the Turkish elections and the Iranians’ point of view in this regard. It wrote: The reformist faction should learn from the Turkish election process in which the candidates accepted the results. Rather than claiming as winner and pushing the country into chaos, they accepted the election results.  In the Turkish elections that the main competitor is someone who has been in power for 20 years and must have various tools to influence the tastes of voters, no one condemned him for “distribution of free potatoes,” because they follow the rules of the game.  Therefore, if for once the reform factions move within the existing political frameworks, they will definitely not lose. 

Arman-e-Emrooz: Biden confrontation with Congress over JCPOA 
 In a note, Arman-e-Emrooz addressed the secret meeting of the White House officials with the representatives of the Senate. It wrote: “The radical Republicans in the U.S. Congress want the Biden government to take the policy of sanctions against Iran more seriously instead of pursuing diplomacy.”  But it has not been approved by the Biden government. 

 Regarding the latest developments in the JCPOA and negotiations, Faraji Rad, the former ambassador of Iran to Norway, says: “It seems that the imminent visit of the King of Oman to Tehran is also related to the news that stated progress has been made in the negotiations.  It is unlikely that the Sultan of Oman’s trip is aimed at exchanging two or three prisoners (with the U.S.)  Neither Robert Malley nor Blinken have been interviewed on the nuclear issue for some time.  Only the spokesperson for the United States State Department declared a few days ago that we are looking for a long-term agreement with Iran.  On the other hand, in the last week or two, the Iranian side has declared that the legal departments of Iran and the United States are negotiating with each other.

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