Independent Cuba Enjoying Honor, Freedom and Prosperity

May 9, 2001 - 0:0
Cuban leader Fidel Castro is currently visiting Iran to explore fresh avenues of bilateral cooperation. There is enough room for enhancing ties between the two countries, as they both prioritize their national interests.

Cuba under the rule of Castro made history, and Cubans will always remember him as the creator of an honorable and prosperous country proud of its independent policy and self-esteem.

No country in that part of the world has the full independence that Cuba has been enjoying for nearly five decades. This country has achieved the goal of educating its people and providing maximum facilities for the welfare of its population.

Since the culmination of the Cuban revolution, most Western countries, particularly the United States, have been putting all kinds of pressure on Cuba to submit to the hegemony of the so-called Western superpower. But Castro has always replied to the United States with a big NO.

This does not mean, however, that the Cuban people and their leader Fidel Castro have had an easy task since their revolution. The fact is that they have suffered heavily but managed through adherence to their goals and aspirations to create an educated population of some 14 million enjoying one of the best welfare and health systems in the Western hemisphere.

It was really a very difficult task both for the nation and Castro to tackle all types of economic, social and political problems. Fortunately they had the strong will to achieve their noble goal of an independent, educated and prosperous society.

Today the world is witness to the fact that without any economic, technical or financial assistance from the West or Western-dominated financial institutions, the Cubans have managed to establish an independent and prosperous nation with yet brighter prospects ahead.