Arab–Israeli normalization


  • Tim Anderson 2021/05/08

    By Tim Anderson

    The Arab–Israeli normalization is just a removal of masks

    The so-called ‘normalisation’ process, catalysed by Trump, is really just a removal of masks. The UAE for example, has been working with Israel for many years. No resistance state or people has changed its position. Biden has yet to announce his position on Palestine. But his options are now highly constrained.

  • By Kevin Barrett  2021-05-08 09:00

    By Kevin Barrett

    Ordinary Arab people will never permanently accept Arab–Israeli normalization

    West Asia is currently bogged down in an apparent stalemate between the Zionist-imperialist aggressors and the forces of resistance. Neither side has been able to score a clear victory and eliminate or subjugate the other. The Zionists have not been able to erase the Palestinian question, nor have they succeeded in their efforts to neutralize the Axis of Resistance. So the fires are smoldering, and could blaze up into flames at any time.