Chinese hoax


  • ترامپ/ برجام 2018-09-10 11:50

    By M.A. Saki

    Trump acts like a criminal who pretends innocence

    It is shameful that U.S. President Donald Trump who has flouted the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 endorsing the Iran nuclear agreement is going to chair the UN council meeting this month and talk against Iran.

  • یخ های قطبی شکننده‎ 2017-05-17 15:12

    By Yuram Abdullah Weiler

    Global warming: The disturbing physics behind the “Chinese hoax”

    “It remains unfortunate that the opinions of a handful of contrarians should be given the same weight in the press and the popular media as the studied conclusions of thousands of scientists.” —Astrophysicist Richard D. Schwartz