E3 -- France, Germany, and the UK


  • Foad Izadi 2020-02-09 13:24

    By Salman Parviz

    Prof: Iran does not consider Saudi Arabia as enemy

    Dr. Foad Izadi is an associate professor of American Studies for a doctorate program at the University of Tehran, Faculty of World Studies. Having studied in the U.S., he has a PhD in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University. After his studies in U.S. he returned to Iran in 2009 and started a teaching profession. During an exclusive interview with the Tehran Times in Qom he talked about regional geopolitical situation and Iran’s ties with neighboring countries. 

  • Mahmoud Vaezi 2020-02-05 15:52

    Europe knows there’s no deal better than JCPOA: presidential chief of staff

    TEHRAN - Presidential chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Wednesday that European Union knows that there is no deal better than the 2015 nuclear agreement, officially known as the JCPOA

  • E3 2020-02-03 20:31

    E3 seems to be blind follower of U.S. unilateralism: legislator 

    TEHRAN - An Iranian lawmaker has censured blind conformance of Britain, France and Germany (the three European signatories to 2015 nuclear deal) with the U.S. unilateralism, saying the E3’s move to trigger the dispute resolution mechanism under the deal is aimed at blackmailing Tehran. 

  • Abbas Mousavi 2020-02-03 15:11

    Iran’s reasoning convinced E3 against activating trigger mechanism: spox

    TEHRAN– Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said Mon. that the European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) intended to activate the trigger mechanism but have decided against it for now after hearing Iran’s reasonings.

  • Martin Love 2020-01-24 12:42

    By Martin Love

    Iran’s one strike may have changed Mideast forever

    NORTH CAROLINA - The JCPOA certainly seems to be comatose and dying. Don’t blame Iran. Blame the U.S. first and then the E-3: Germany, France and the U.K. Can it be stated more plainly? No.

  • Naqavi Hosseini 2020-01-21 20:53

    E3 made ‘strategic mistake’ on Iran nuclear pact: MP

    TEHRAN — Spokesman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has slammed the three European countries’ decision to trigger the dispute mechanism under the Iran nuclear deal, saying the move was a “strategic mistake”.

  • علی لاریجانی 2020-01-19 17:20

    Iran warns to reconsider cooperation with IAEA if E3 acts unfairly 

    TEHRAN - Iran may reconsider its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) if the three European countries signatory to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) continue their unfair approach towards Tehran's rights, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned on Sunday.

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C) and French President Emmanuel Macron pose at the G7 summit in France's Biarritz (Photo by Getty) 2019-09-24 11:49

    Rouhani to E3: Attributing Aramco strike to Iran is based on ‘groundless blame game'

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has criticized the E3 -- France, Germany, and the UK -- for their Monday statement in which Iran was blamed for the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities claimed by Yemen's Ansarullah movement.