Europe’s far right


  • Nicholas Cull 2021-03-01 21:33

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Vast majority of terror victims are Muslims: scholar

    TEHRAN – Noting that most of the people who are victims of terrorism are Muslims, a British professor of communication says that Islamophobic rhetoric makes reconciliation and peace harder to attain.      

  • Far right in the EU , Marine Le Pen 2019-06-03 14:12

    Saeed Sobhani

    Is far right conquering Europe?

    Have Nationalists won in European elections?

    TEHRAN - Many European politicians prefer not to deny the results of the European Parliamentary elections, especially the victory of anti-Euro-nationalist and nationalist factions in this election. However, it seems that in the near future, traditional European parties will try to determine their own proportions with nationalist movements.