Fereydoun Abbasi


  • Abbasi 2022-06-06 21:49

    Russia, China will mitigate IAEA BoG resolution against Iran, MP predicts

    TEHRAN – An Iranian lawmaker who previously served as the top nuclear official of Iran has said that Russia and China will mitigate a resolution that the U.S. and its European allies are pushing for at the upcoming meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors (BoG). 

  • MP 2022-02-07 18:15

    Nuclear sanctions waiver a propaganda hoax: MP

    TEHRAN – An Iranian lawmaker has reacted to a U.S. move to restore a nuclear sanctions waiver, saying the move is a “propaganda hoax”. 

  • Fereydoun Abbasi 2022-01-04 21:41

    MP says Iran’s nuclear capabilities are vast

    TEHRAN — Fereydoun Abbasi, former head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and a current member of the Parliament Energy Committee, said on Saturday that Iran’s nuclear capabilities are vast and is beyond the current assumptions.

  • Fereydoun Abbasi 2021-11-06 19:27

    MP: Iran must seek detente in future talks

    TEHRAN — "After the end of the eight-year term of the previous administration, today a revolutionary administration has come to power, which, unlike the previous administration which believed in the theory of de-escalation, has belief in the theory of détente," says Fereydoun Abbasi, an MP sitting on the Parliament Energy Committee.

  • Fereydoun Abbasi 2021-09-04 22:06

    Ex-AEOI chief optimistic about nuclear progress during Eslami's tenure

    TEHRAN - Fereydoun Abbasi, former head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), has backed the appointment of Mohammad Eslami as the new AEOI chief, calling him a competent person.

  • Fereydoun Abbasi 2021-04-13 14:36

    Senior MP reveals more details about sabotage at Natanz

    TEHRAN — The head of the Parliament's Energy Committee said on Monday that the sabotage act at the Natanz nuclear facility’s electricity and cable distribution system was related to emergency power batteries.

  • MP 2020-11-29 22:19

    Senior MP says Fakhrizadeh assassination will change nuclear policy

    ‘Majlis focusing on 20% uranium, expelling IAEA inspectors, leaving JCPOA’

    TEHRAN – A senior Iranian lawmaker has vowed to significantly raise uranium enrichment level and cease Iran’s cooperation with the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog in response to the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.