Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


  • A traveler looks at the main portal of Imam Mosque in Isfahan, central Iran. 2020-03-13 18:46

    Imam Mosque: A grand, impressive jewel of Isfahan 

    TEHRAN – At the southern end of Isfahan’s main square stands the big, grand and impressive Imam Mosque, which is not only impressive because of its sheer size and incredible decorations, but also helps to get a good impression of the needs and challenges of always on-going restoration works.

  •  A view of the 17th-centyry Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, central Iran 2020-02-08 18:10

    Tricky waterproof repairs cast doubt over fate of Iranian architecture masterpiece

    TEHRAN – Many visitors to the 17th-centyry Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, a top masterpiece of Iranian architecture that stands tall in Isfahan, witnessed last month that its picturesque creamy dome was emerged split-face from a snowfall.

  • A view of the UNESCO-registered Imam Sq., Isfahan, central Iran, and the Ali Qapu Palace is seen on the right. 2019-09-27 17:41

    UNESCO-tagged Ali Qapu receives over 375,000 visitors in H1

    TEHRAN – The 16th-century Ali Qapu Palace, an element of the UNESCO-registered Imam Square in Isfahan, central Iran, welcomed over 375,000 visitors during the first half of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21).

  • Restored creamy tiles to be reinstalled on Iranian architecture masterpiece 2019-07-22 20:04

    Restored creamy tiles to be reinstalled on Iranian architecture masterpiece

    TEHRAN – Some two eighths of delicately floral tiles, which for centuries adorned the creamy dome of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, have been restored and are ready to be reinstalled on the monument that is widely known as a masterpiece of Iranian architecture.

  • A painting by the French architect Pascal Coste, who visited Isfahan in c. 1840, depicts the main courtyard and two iwans of the Imam Mosque. 2018-09-04 10:10

    Imam Mosque: Elegant, iconic and visually stunning

    With its perfect proportions and iconic blue-tiled mosaics, the Imam Mosque forms an elegant, visually stunning historical monument, which stands tall at the southern side of a massive square of the same name; the UNESCO-registered Imam Square of Isfahan in central Iran.

  • A view of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan 2018-09-02 18:49

    Partial restoration starts on Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

    TEHRAN - The second phase of a restoration project has commenced on creamy dome of the 17th century Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, which is one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture.