• today photos 2019-06-15 21:42

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Human-animal interactions: Hospitable locals play host to storks for ages in Iran

    TEHRAN – Iranian hospitability never failed to bring back the storks from their wintering grounds; oddly enough erecting nesting sites endlessly on their roofs remained favorable to the birds, showing that the relationship between them is peculiarly an intimate one.

  • The patriots make peace with their situation and live in harmony with the locals. 2017-02-11 19:25

    The patriots

    TEHRAN — A female stork and her mate who stay in the town all year round even during cold seasons are well-known as patriots among locals in the western city of Marivan, Kordestan province. Once again human beings throwaway culture ruined an animal’s life. In this case one of the female stork’s long legs got hurt with some kind of trash wrapped around them and resulted in her inability to fly properly for long distances. Her crippling condition continued to haunt her as she was not able to build a perfect nest for her four newly hatched chicks and sadly the nest fell down by the wind storm and the four baby storks died. According to the locals the female stork got pretty depressed and refused to migrate during winter and opt to stay in the town all year round. Her faithful mate also stood up for her and now the two who have stuck together for five years are pretty well known among the locals as the patriots who would never leave their hometown. Locals deem their passionate love for each other incredible. Zarivar Lake, also known as Zaribar, is a major tourist attraction in Marivan which is also home to storks during warm seasons. Tehran Times/ Azin Haghighi