U.S. oil sanctions


  • Iran-India-oil 2019-04-30 20:24

    India insisting on oil imports from Iran

    TEHRAN – India’s External Affairs Minister said that India should be allowed to continue importing oil from Iran at least for a longer time span, Hindustan Times reported citing people familiar with developments.

  • The effects of U.S. oil sanctions on Venezuela 2019-03-03 11:52

    By Heshmatollah Rahnama 

    The effects of U.S. oil sanctions on Venezuela

    TEHRAN - Progressively, the sanctions against the Venezuelan government produce an expansive wave that affects the interests of the United States and its foreign policy. despite the reassuring projections that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of that country has communicated to reduce concerns about the global impact of the freezing of Venezuelan assets on US soil by the Treasury Department.