• Iranian filmmaker Vahid Farahani attends an interview with the Tehran Times. 2021-02-02 19:22

    By Ali-Akbar Jenabzadeh

    Doc tells future generations truth of war against terrorism in Syria

    TEHRAN – Following the outbreak of the war against terrorism in Syria, an all-out effort began by certain media outlets to portray the facts on the war upside down. The criminal and the victim were transposed in the narrative provided by those outlets to justify the illegal engagement of countries like the U.S. and its allies in the war. Since then, numerous Iranian and non-Iranian filmmakers have tried to produce documentaries and movies about the reality of the crisis. One of those documentary filmmakers is Vahid Farahani who has recently completed his film “Why Syria?”. He believes that to properly study the issue, it should be considered from many different angles.  

  • Siamak Shayeqi 2020-04-15 18:15

    Filmmaker Siamak Shayeqi dies at 66

    TEHRAN – Siamak Shayeqi, the director of the acclaimed Iranian dramas “Dowry for Robab” and “Ferdows Garden, 5 PM”, who had been in a coma since Saturday, died in a Tehran hospital on Wednesday morning. He was 66. 

  • A foreign couple (L) poses for a photo during a visit to the UNESCO-tagged Imam Square, Isfahan, central Iran. 2019-10-16 19:02

    Iran is a perfect destination to travel to, Dutch filmmaker says

    TEHRAN – “Whenever Iran is in the news, it is about something negative. That made me skeptical — can a country be as bad as the media depicts it? I wanted to investigate for myself if Iran is open to foreigners and if it is a safe place to visit, and also share my travel experiences with the world,” Reinier van Oorsouw, a Dutch photographer and filmmaker has said.

  • Filmmaker Ali Donyavi Saravi. 2019-05-04 18:09

    Filmmaker Ali Donyavi Saravi wins Davud Rashidi Award

    TEHRAN – Filmmaker Ali Donyavi Saravi was honored with the Davud Rashidi Award on Friday.

  • Marzieh Borumand attends a ceremony organized at the National Library and Archives of Iran on December 23, 2018 to honor the veteran filmmaker for her lifetime achievements. (Honaronline/Ramona Mirian 2018-12-24 18:18

    Filmmaker Marzieh Borumand honored at national library

    TEHRAN – Marzieh Borumand, the director of TV series such as “House of Grandma”, “The City of Mice”, “School of Mice” and “Ziba Barbershop” that stir fond memories of the 1980s and 1990s, was honored for her lifetime achievements at the National Library and Archives of Iran on Sunday.