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  • Intelligence 2020-11-07 19:00

    Intelligence Ministry dismantles foreign currency disruptors

    TEHRAN — Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced on Saturday that it has identified and dismantled four networks of economic disruptors in Yazd Province.

  • esmaeili 2020-07-28 18:15

    Judiciary: 11 individuals convicted for disrupting Iran’s currency market

    TEHRAN – Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaeili announced on Tuesday that 11 individuals were found guilty of disrupting the country’s foreign currency market last week.

  • Hemmati 2020-05-18 15:16

    CBI capable of controlling currency market: governor

    TEHRAN – Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati says the bank is going to control the currency market just like it did in the previous year, IRNA reported.

  • NIMA 2020-03-16 15:23

    Over $1.5b pumped into NIMA since Feb. 20: CBI

    TEHRAN – More than $1.5 billion of foreign currency has been provided in the country’s foreign exchange secondary market (locally known as NIMA) for the imports of basic goods since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar month of Esfand (February 20, 2020), IRIB reported.

  • hemmati 2020-01-07 16:01

    Currency market fully under control: CBI governor

    TEHRAN – The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says the bank is fully controlling the foreign currency market and people should not have any worries over the exchange rates.

  • Foreign national arrested with counterfeit money   2019-06-08 18:54

    Foreign national arrested with counterfeit money  

    TEHRAN — A foreign national, trying to exchange $600 counterfeit money at an exchange in northern Tehran got arrested, ISNA news agency reported on Thursday.

  • Dejpasand 2019-05-21 20:16

    ‘All necessary measures taken to launch organized forex market’

    TEHRAN- Iranian finance and economic affairs minister announced that all necessary measures have been taken for launching an organized forex market, IRNA reported.

  • Dollar-Rials 2019-05-06 21:49

    ‘CBI to launch mechanism to ensure stability in foreign currency market’

    TEHRAN – Central Bank of Iran (CBI) is going to launch a new mechanism to control the exchange rates in the country’s foreign currency market, Mehr news agency reported quoting an official with the bank.

  • dollar 2018-11-10 22:46

    Imports of 8 new goods to receive foreign currency at official rate

    TEHRAN- According to the latest announcement of the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, the government will support imports of eight new goods via providing foreign currencies at official rate for them, Tasnim news agency reported on Saturday.

  • Judiciary: 53 more arrested over foreign currency market 2018-10-24 08:28

    Judiciary: 53 more arrested over foreign currency market

    TEHRAN – Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi has said that 53 more people have been arrested over the past 10 days on charges of disrupting the foreign currency market, ISNA reported on Tuesday.

  • na 2018-10-07 20:47

    Police summons 942 market disruptors

    TEHRAN - Tehran police chief Hossein Rahimi announced on Sunday that 942 disruptors in coin and foreign currency markets have been summoned.

  • forex market 2018-10-05 20:44

    By Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh

    Reactions to rial rally

    Simultaneous with the decrease in foreign exchange rates and regain of rial, commencing as of Monday evening, other markets including gold, mobile phone and auto have shown a green light to the prices decline.

  • forex market 2018-10-02 21:01

    By Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh

    After repeated record lows, rial recovers unexpectedly

    Following government’s Saturday measure to grant authority to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to interfere in the foreign exchange market in defense of the rial, the Iranian currency started to regain incrementally.

  • Foreign currency’s secondary market not disorganized: Larijani 2018-09-06 00:21

    Foreign currency’s secondary market not disorganized: Larijani

    TEHRAN – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the foreign currency’s secondary market is not disorganized and is under control, Tasnim reported.

  • Intelligence Ministry disbands foreign currency, gold smugglers 2018-08-01 20:47

    Intelligence Ministry disbands foreign currency, gold smugglers

    TEHRAN – The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has announced that it had arrested members of four groups involved in smuggling foreign currency and gold as well as forging foreign banknotes and gold coins.

  • 18 arrested over vehicle import fraud, currency manipulation 2018-07-29 09:39

    18 arrested over vehicle import fraud, currency manipulation

    TEHRAN – Judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i said on Saturday that a total of 18 people have been arrested over vehicle import fraud and abuse of the official rate for foreign currencies, mainly dollar.

  • بازار دلار 2018-04-15 21:01

    By Mehrnoosh Aryanpour

    Dollars for…donuts: when the craze for FX simply gets out of control

    The other week’s slide in the rial to a new record low, posted as 56,800 per dollar, according to the Financial Tribune last week, shows just how maniacal the market’s thirst for hard currency has become. But instead of following the herd and asking, “where can I get some dollars to hoard?”, the better questions to ask are instead:

  • Forex market 2018-04-11 11:42

    By Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh

    Taming the runaway forex market

    When rial finished its four-month decline sliding to a record low of 60,000 rials against the dollar on Monday from 43,000 rials in early January, the administration eventually made the long-waited serious decision to curb the rampant foreign exchange market by unifying the official and open market exchange rates.

  • foreign currency 2018-04-08 21:08

    By Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh

    Foreign currency jump rears ugly head in domestic production, exports

    The new Iranian year, which began on March 21, has been named by Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei as the year of “Support for Iranian Products”. In general, supporting national products is expected to improve the level of Iran’s exports, however, regarding the current conditions at domestic foreign exchange market, puts the idea under some disputations.

  • Forex market 2018-03-10 20:19

    By Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh

    Dollar in doldrums

    Iranians have been dealing with an ever-increasing devaluation of the rial since the beginning of the present Iranian calendar (March 21, 2017) but the major and unexpected depreciation occurred almost a month ago, in mid-February, when is supposed to be the biggest crackdown on foreign exchanges in six years.