• Birth rate 2021-06-03 01:12

    By Sadeq Lavasani

    Iran's fertility rate alarmingly low

    No more than a decade ago, Iran boasted one of the world's youngest populations all thanks to a baby boom that began in the mid-seventies and reached its peak soon after the revolution of 1979. Millions of Iranian baby boomers are now either reaching middle-age or are well into it.

  • Ismail Mousavi 2020-02-17 20:11

    Statistics concerning parliamentary candidates announced

    TEHRAN — Spokesman of the Interior Ministry election headquarters has announced new details about the candidates running for parliament.

  • بازی موبایلی تلفن هوشمند 2019-01-20 22:31

    Iranians spend one hour and four minutes daily on social networks: official

    TEHRAN –Iranians spend one hour and four minutes daily on social networks, head of the Information Technology Organization of Iran, Amir Nazemi, wrote on his Twitter account, Mehr reported on Saturday.