Where are kidnapped Iranian diplomats?

July 19, 2007 - 0:0

Tehran (irna) -- 25 years have passed. This is the longest period ever of any hostage-taking in the world. A quarter of a century ago, Iranian diplomats Ahmad Motevaselian, Taqi Rastegar-Moqaddam, Seyyed Hassan Musavi, and IRNA photojournalist Kazem Akhavan were kidnapped in July 1982 in the course of a Zionist plot and there have been no authentic reports yet on their fate.

This is while all of them had been under diplomatic immunity and were supposed to be escorted by Lebanese police officials. Now after 25 years, it is still believed that the Zionist regime is undoubtedly responsible for their fates and don’t care about this issue and don’t feel even responsible at all either. “One of the main problems facing Iranian government is that the Zionist regime that does not know reason,” MP Saeed Abutaleb said. The diplomats were not as ordinary citizens. Their fates are tied to our national sovereignty and we should not abandon this issue. The international organizations have not done anything and even do not believe in their own claims about protecting human rights. 25 years have passed and we do not know anything about the fate of Iranian diplomats. Their families are still waiting for them and their children's expectation has gradually turned into a worry. Where is the United Nations? How could the world close its eyes for 25 years? Someone must do something. Someone must put the Zionist regime under pressure. It should not be allowed to do whatever it wants, while everybody watches silently. Although during all these years Iran has been completely alone following the kidnapped diplomats’ issue, the Iranian nation still believes that they are alive and is hopefully waiting to hear some news about them. Qods Intenet-TV Network