Young children learn sign language

July 26, 2007 - 0:0

As first-time parents, Jane and Brock Boone of Temple wanted to give their young daughter the best opportunities available.

Their daughter's pediatrician recommended simple sign language to alleviate communication barriers during infancy. ""We didn't really think it would take, but within a day or so she was mimicking the signs we showed her. Kate was only six months old,"" Jane said. The couple agreed that the basic sign language used, like ""thank you,"" ""more"" and ""hungry"" have helped with young Kate's verbal skills. ""Eventually it became unprovoked,"" Jane said. ""It's a easy transition from grunting to forming words."" ""Using sign language helps the parents communicate with their children more effectively,"" Kindred said. ""It's not so frustrating for the child to communicate. Infants want to communicate and are very intelligent. That's why they take it up so quickly."" With this being Kindred's first class to teach at the CAC, she had a little practice time in with her niece. ""She'll use sign language with me and a few other people,"" Kindred said. ""Sign language involves a bilateral learning of the brain and children love that."" ""You don't have to know Spanish, but a knowledge of Spanish will help,"" said Kindred, who fluently speaks the language. (Source: