New holocaust in Gaza

March 3, 2008 - 0:0

The Zionist regime’s intensification of its land and air blitz against the defenseless residents of the Gaza Strip has left 65 dead and 80 wounded.

Unfortunately, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, and the organizations that claim to be defenders of human rights are silent about the brutal assault on the Palestinians and the humanitarian tragedy unfolding.
The Zionist regime’s relentless attack on the Gaza Strip is a clear violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions but the UN Security Council has refrained from censuring Israel.
Israel has laid siege to Gaza for months as collective punishment, and is increasing its air assaults in an attempt to quash the popular resistance and topple the Hamas government.
With the overt support of the United States, the leaders of the Zionist regime are taking advantage of the indifference of the international community. They have deployed their forces around Gaza with the intent of reoccupying the region of over 1.5 million people.
Although the people of Gaza broke the economic siege by breaching the Rafah border checkpoint and attracted the world’s attention by creating a 40-kilometer human chain, without regional and international support they will suffer heavy casualties.
The reoccupation of Gaza by the Zionist regime would surely lead to a humanitarian crisis and a new holocaust and the violence would then most likely spread throughout occupied Palestine.
Moreover, while the Zionist regime is attacking the people of Gaza from the air and land, officials of the Palestinian Authority government are still engaged in talks with Israeli leaders, disrupting efforts to unify the Palestinian nation.
However, the Zionist regime will surely pay a heavy price for the massacres of Gaza residents and Hamas will give it a serious response at the right time and place, which will intensify the violence.
What is happening in Gaza is the result of the Palestinian Authority’s compromise with the Zionist regime.
If Fatah and Hamas had resolved their differences, then surely the Zionists would not be able to shed buckets of blood in Gaza.
Of course, if the internecine conflict continues in Palestine, the Zionist regime will take advantage of the situation and commit more war crimes, and the Palestinian nation will be the big losers.
Gaza is living through a nightmare, and if the Zionist regime continues the onslaught, the wave of violence will consume all of the occupied territories.
Clearly, the crisis will not be limited to the Palestinian territories and will eventually spill over into the rest of the Middle East.