Iran to hoist flag at North Pole

July 7, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Iranian Hamid Jodeiri Khodashenas will be hoisting Iran’s three-colored flag at the North Pole for the first time.

“I will take a fistful of Iran’s soil, water of Mount Damavand, and a Persian carpet with me to the North Pole and will be performing several traditional Iranian ceremonies during my ten-hour stay,” Jodeiri told the Persian service of CHN on Sunday.
Jodeiri who will be accompanied by filmmaker Sassan Tavakkoli Farsani added, “We will set off on July 19 heading to Finland. We will later board an icebreaker at Russia’s Port of Murmansk on July 20, and will arrive at the North Pole - also called roof of the earth - on July 26th.”
He went on to say, “On the way coming back, we will visit Franz-Joseph Land of the Arctic Ocean, Eskimos, polar bears and seals. We will also be observing a solar total eclipse at the North Pole on August first. Several astronomers, geologists and ornithologists will be onboard and will also be giving lectures for all the passengers.”
Jodeiri also explained that he is planning to make several movies, take photos and give lectures and prepare daily reports.
Referring to his previous trips to the five continents, he explained, “This has helped me attend several international conferences in various countries.”
He established the Sayeh Research Center that carries out research on total solar eclipses. He is currently working on his largest project in which he follows the path of the eclipse that took place in Africa in 2001, and studies its effects on various species of animals on earth.
Jodeiri, who carries out his research from his own funds, complained that there is no governmental support for projects of this kind anywhere in the country.