Muslim intellectuals protest to EU

July 26, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Hundreds of Muslim intellectuals released a statement here on Thursday condemning recent insults to Muslims and holy prophet by some western figures and governments.

This statement was delivered to the French government which holds the rotating presidency of the EU council by Iranian embassy in France.
The statement - signed by hundreds of poets, academics, intellectuals, writers, and journalists - calls on the European countries to quit their anti-Islamic efforts.
“This culture of violence and vindictive procedures which are often covered under the ‘liberty of speech’, not only targets the holy prophet but also other divine characters like Christ, Mary, Moses and Abraham.” the statement reads.
Denouncing German foreign minister’s support for these insults, the statement added, “The European Union’s support to Selman Rushdie and recent stupid caricatures and turning ‘freedom of speech’ into ‘freedom of insult’ is nothing but aggression and cultural terrorism.”
“Muslims no longer expect pluralism from you but just some politeness and justice,” the statement explains.
Elsewhere the statement reads, “The secular Europe should note it cannot compensate its Christian violence of the past centuries by secular and modern violence and in a prejudiced manner against Islam which played no role in Europe’s violence.”
In recent years there has been a growing wave of insults against the Holy Prophet and Muslims in some western countries like Denmark. Germany’s foreign minister called other nations to do the same