So now we know what makes the news

August 10, 2008 - 0:0

As UFO researchers and realists are aware, over the past week the most startling of disclosures occurred when Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man to walk on the surface of the Moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, confirmed the UFO phenomenon is a reality and that extraterrestrials have indeed been visiting Earth and interacting with our governments.

Dr. Mitchell is a well respected scientist of the highest caliber and one of the bravest men in human history. To have the wherewithal to travel to another planet, or moon, our Moon in this respect, took more than just guts. Only a few men, all Americans, have achieved this feat with equipment that by today’s standards was hazardous to say the least. Therefore if one were to question Dr. Mitchell’s character one would best in my book be ready to step outside to the alleyway. I’d be the first one waiting for you.
Dr. Mitchell’s disclosure traveled around the news circles worldwide. Yet one would think with his celebrity and irrefutable scientific achievements and stature that his story would have been at the top of the headlines for weeks on end. Daily and nightly news coverage, a cascade of talk shows, heads of state in shoulder to shoulder briefings, but you know what? Dr. Mitchell’s disclosure took a back seat to such important headlines regarding Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama’s trip overseas, several other celebrities and their reputed matrimonial dilemmas, and of course that ever present newsworthy item regarding actress Kirstie Alley’s weight problems.
As you can see, even if a man of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s stature can make a statement before the press of such magnitude and it not be addressed by the top news sources with ruffles and flourishes, it shows what the true agenda of the press is. It’s about face time with celebrities and a press room popularity contest. Never mind last week a new amazing treatment for prostate cancer was announced. That made some headlines but not as many as the latest celebrity gossip! You have to have that gossip to make the world go round or you can’t sell newspapers. Nowadays you can’t sell newspapers anyway unless you stoop to a Murdochian level of slap happy journalism.
In this follow up to his radio broadcast disclosure Dr. Mitchell elaborates on his story at this website: mitchell.html
Now dishonest skeptics and debunkers don’t know what to do with themselves after this disclosure about UFOs. They’re chomping at the bit to declare Dr. Mitchell mentally unstable but even they know they tread on holy ground here. The debunkers and skeptics would like to next declare that Dr. Mitchell’s memory is affected by old age, but they can’t because the good doctor isn’t stating any UFO encounters of his own, only sources of highest credibility that he himself investigated. The skeptics and debunkers are probably pulling out their hair trying to figure out some way to invalidate a tried and true hero but they know they’re facing an impassable force and more than likely an army of knuckles should they insult a man who is a bona fide hero to millions of people. I dare the first skeptic or debunker to attack Dr. Mitchell’s character on this issue. We’ll probably run them out of town on a rail after the tar and feathering!
The press, or should I say the Controlled Press, is a vicious and vindictive mechanism. At present, one of their own, Dan Rather is in a battle with his former employers at CBS after Rather accused them of the same things as we so-called “conspiracy theorists” have claimed for close to 100 years.
Notice how it’s a “conspiracy theory” when it goes against an oppressive grain. It was a “conspiracy theory” that oil prices would shoot up during President G.W. Bush’s watch. It was a “conspiracy theory” when we predicted the housing market and credit crisis. It was a “conspiracy theory” when people noticed psychiatric medication was behind a massive rise in suicides and mass killings. The press has become a prostitute of communications and the people deserve better. It’s not that the press is worse, it’s always been horrid at this since the early part of the 20th Century when advertising flourished.
During the Cold War there were more intrusions by intelligence agencies whose vision was clouded by industrialists and their hidden social agendas. Now, with the spread of the internet, people are getting their news from a different source, a more reliable and tangible source, the people themselves. Sure, we’re not all trained journalists and for certain many of the internet writers have their own personal agendas but the difference is with the web we can team up and cross check references and counter the data presented. In short, this is the age of validation. Lies are falling faster than new ones can be formed and it’s only a matter of time before the end of the Age of Lies comes. Perhaps that’s what the Mayan Calendar year of 2012 is all about. Not an end of the world but the end of the nonsense, the lies about who and what we really are.
Maybe Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, but Dr. Edgar Mitchell may have taken the biggest step for man and mankind.
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