Syria informs Lebanon it has no detainees or missing

September 15, 2008 - 0:0

Syria informed Lebanon through a delegation in charge of following up the issue of missing Lebanese that it had no ""Lebanese missing or detained in Syria until now,"" Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar said.

The daily An Nahar said the names of 184 Lebanese detained in Syrian jails which had been previously published were part of a list that included 700 citizens missing in Syria ""with no word yet on their whereabouts.""
An Nahar, however, said that the information presented by the Syrian authorities made no mention to ""military jails or intelligence centers.""
Najjar had recently said Lebanon is asking for revealing the fate of 745 citizens missing in Syria.
An Nahar said the families of missing Lebanese did not find the names of their loved ones in the lists provided by Syrian authorities.
Meanwhile, al-Mustaqbal newspaper said the Syrian regime has so far acknowledged having 46 Lebanese detainees it had previously denied holding.