Kalari’s photos on Islamic Revolution ready for publication

January 20, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The House of Cinema will release a collection of unpublished photos by cinematographer Mahmud Kalari’s entitled “Enqelab Avenue” on the Islamic Revolution in the near future.

On the occasion of 30th anniversary of Islamic Revolution, Iran’s House of Cinema will release a cultural pact entitled “30 years, 30 Views” which is compiled by renowned Iranian filmmaker Reza Mirkarimi.
The pact contains 30 documentaries, 30 short films and 30 film music soundtracks as well as a collection of photos by Kalari on the theme of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.
“This is the first collection of photos I have published during my 30-year career and it contains my first experiences in the realm of photography.
“In February of 1979 I just had graduated from the university and I did not have any experience in photography. In those days I was mostly influenced by the course of revolution and that was my motivation to take these photos,” he told ISNA on Monday.
Most of the captured events happened on Tehran’s Enqelab Avenue which was a crucial location during Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979 and this is why I named this collection after that,” he mentioned.
The book contains 110 black and white photos, most of them taken in February 1979 and some of them some months after the revolution, he concluded.