Persian Press Review

May 29, 2010

The column ‘Persian Press Review’ features the headlines and leading articles carried by Farsi dailies.

Thursday’s headlines:
AFARINESH: Ali Larijani re-elected as Majlis speaker by wining 83 percent of votes
ABRAR: France will consult with Russia and the U.S. to respond to Iran’s letter on nuclear deal, says French foreign minister
EBTEKAR: Ahmadinejad gives stern warning to Russia over its stance toward Iran’s nuclear issue
TAFHAM: Russians should not behave in a way that Iranian nation categorizes them as one of its historical enemies, says Ahmadinejad
MARDOMSALARI: (Reformist) MP Kavakebian lashes out at MPs who have honored the website which has insulted Imam Khomeini’s household
ASRAR: Russian presidential aide responds to Ahmadinejad’s critical remarks
ETTELAAT: U.S. Congress postpones examination of plan envisaging gasoline sanctions on Iran
SHARQ: Harsh police actions should be avoided in dealing with breach of hijab
PUL: Euro keeps slumping
JAVAN: Iran decides to halt importation from Britain
JOMHURI-E ESLAMI: Ayatollah Vaez Tabasi advices politicians to stop playing political games; what oppression is greater than undermining the credibility of people?
KAYHAN: If you fire at us, we will obliterate everywhere, Hassan Nasrallah warns Israel
HADAF-O EQTESAD: Projects are underway only in 8 phases of the South Pars gas field, announces petroleum minister
AFTAB-E YAZD: Alarming bells ring for rightists in Majlis
RESALAT: We should stand up firm to the West’s illegitimate demands, says Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
Leading articles:
AFTAB-E YAZD in its leading article has opined that the results of the parliament’s presiding board election indicate that the alarming bells have started ringing for the rightist MPs. In the parliament, which is dominated by the principlists (rightists), the reformist candidate for the post of deputy speaker could win 115 votes (out of about 270 MPs). Although Masoud Pezeshkian could not win the required number of votes to take the post, the rise in his votes (from 79 to 115) compared to the last year’s election indicates that the Majlis has become more inclined to choose the moderate figures as the presiding board members. The writer believes this level of popularity for a reformist MP is a warning signal to the principlist majority of the Majils.
DONYA-E EQTESAD in its editorial has criticized those who mount propaganda campaign against capitalists and successful businessmen and industrialists. One of the websites has recently published the names of 30 Iranian billionaires and some media outlets and figures started to hit out at these wealthy capitalists. Unfortunately after the Islamic Revolution, certain political groups started propagandizing against capitalists, and through their media outlets, tried to negatively affect the public opinion against successful businessmen and industrialists. The unpopularity of the producers of the wealth forced the successful capitalists to keep a low profile in the society. In conclusion, the writer expresses hope that one day ordinary people respect and honor those capitalists and entrepreneurs who have gained their capital through legal economic activities and created jobs through investments and not those who have amassed their fortunes through illegal connections with certain officials and state organizations.
JOMHURI-E ESLAMI in an article has voiced concern over the country’s troubled economy. Many economic experts have warned about the problems facing the country’s economy and the private sector. Yes we should always be hopeful, but being hopeful does not mean that we should not be worried about the country’s economy. The economic policies should be aimed at boosting the national production (GDP) to improve the people’s income and living conditions. The people’s needs should not be met by relief agencies and paying subsidies to them. To boost the economy, the government should try to play a more active role in the world economy and have better interaction with other countries. The writer goes on to say that the economic progress and involvement in the international economy are also the inalienable rights of the Iranian nation and should be defended like other inalienable rights.
TEHRAN-E EMROOZ in its editorial has approved of Ahmadinejad’s recent critical remarks about Russia’s equivocal stance toward Iran’s nuclear program. The Russians have repeatedly reneged on their commitments to complete the Bushehr nuclear power plant and deliver S-300 missile defense system to Iran, and have unfailingly voted for the UN Security Council’s sanctions resolutions against Iran. These developments have revived the Iranian nation’s historical distrust of the Russians and forced the president, who is a strong advocate of the strategic ties with Russia, to criticize their stances.