Iran will not back down in nuclear standoff: Ahmadinejad

July 20, 2010 - 0:0

QAZVIN - Iran will not step back an inch in its nuclear program, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Qazvin on Monday.

No sanctions resolution can force Iran to relinquish its right to access to nuclear technology, he added.
The president stated that the imposition of sanctions on Iran has not only proven to be counterproductive but has actually helped the country consolidate its self-sufficiency.
Since they imposed sanctions on Iran in 2006, the country’s industrial exports have nearly tripled in Qazvin and some other provinces, he noted.
“If they step up their pressure now, our industrial complexes will be able to become competitive at the international level,” he added.
He also criticized the Western powers for using threatening language toward Iran over its nuclear activities and called it a mistake.
“Knock yourself out with your sanctions. Every piece of machinery or equipment that you don’t sell to us, we will make here at home,” he said.
“We’re interested in reasoning and dialogue, but you don’t seem to have anything to do other than imposing sanctions, closing a few bank accounts, or inspecting some ships, which you cannot do. If you want to show your teeth, we will sit down and watch your show. But we still advise you to listen to us. It will be in your own best interests,” he added.
And the Iranian nation will always be prepared to stand up to any country seeking to impede Iran’s progress, Ahmadinejad said.