MPs accuse president of disregarding the law

August 14, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- MP Ahmad Tavakkoli has criticized President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for disregarding the laws ratified by the parliament and the Expediency Council.

Tavakkoli’s criticism came in response to the president’s recent remarks in which he said he does not regard the ratifications of the Majlis or the Expediency Council as law, the Mehr News Agency reported on Friday.
According to Article 72 of the Constitution, the Majlis can pass into law any bill that is in agreement with the provisions of the Constitution, the MP said.
Article 72 of the Constitution prohibits the parliament from ratifying any bill that contravenes the Constitution or Islamic law, and the Guardian Council is tasked with determining the compatibility of laws, he noted.
If the Guardian Council decides that a law is incompatible with either the Constitution or Islamic law, and the parliament insists on its ratification, the Expediency Council is tasked with mediating between the parliament and the Guardian Council and making a final ruling, he explained.
He went on to say that the president does not have the right to disregard the process by which a bill is passed into law.
Tavakkoli accused the president of intransigence, and said, “I am sorry that the president values his personal interpretation too much.”
MP Parviz Sorouri also criticized the president for making remarks that showed no respect for the law.
“Any law that is ratified should be implemented. The president is not in a position to say whether a particular law is correct or not,” he said.
If a law is not officially declared to be in effect by the president within a specific timeframe, the parliament speaker is then authorized to declare the law to be in effect, at which point all executive branch bodies are required to implement it, he stated