Iran’s minister visits flood-stricken Pakistan

August 22, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iran’s Interior Minister Mostafa-Mohammad Najjar is in Pakistan to visit flood-stricken areas and facilitate distribution of Iran’s relief supply to people affected by the massive floods.

Najjar is visiting flood-hit areas in Pakistan at the head of a humanitarian delegation to assess the extent of flood damages, an official in the Interior Ministry told reporters on Saturday.
Last week media announced that representatives of the Supreme Leader and the president visit Pakistan to assess the needs of the Pakistani people.
So far Iran has contributed 200 tons of humanitarian aid to Pakistani people.
Es’haq al-Habib, deputy ambassador to Iran’s permanent mission in the United Nations in New York, has said from the early hours of the flooding in Pakistan President Ahmadinejad has been closely watching the process of humanitarian aid to the country.
Al-Habib said Iran has doubled its initial commitment of $5 million aid to Pakistan to $10 million.
The UN appealed last week for $460m to cover the first 90 days of the emergency. It said today that half the target had been reached, but warned that it was able to reach less than a quarter of the 6 million people in urgent need for food and clean drinking water. The cost of providing clean water alone is about $2m a day