Iran inaugurates mass production of 2 types of assault boats

August 24, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iran has inaugurated the production lines for two types of high-speed assault boats called Seraj 1 and Zolfaqar.

Seraj 1 and Zolfaqar speedboats are manufactured at the marine industries complex of the Defense Ministry.
Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy Commander Ali Fadavi attended the inauguration ceremony on Monday.
Vahidi said Seraj 1, with a fiberglass bodywork, can shoot rockets and it is equipped with an electronic navigation system.
Zolfaqar is a patrol boat and it is equipped with missile launchers and machine-guns, he explained.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Vahidi said, “We will not strike any country and will extend a hand of friendship to all countries in the world but if any country wants to play with fire and commit an insensible act against Iran, Iran’s reaction will be hard.”
In addition, Fadavi said Iran ranks first in producing of high-speed assault boats in the world.
He also said that nowhere in the world, there are assault boats with the same speed as Iran’s.
On Saturday, the country unveiled and tested its new unmanned Karar bomber, which can fly at a high speed and has a range of up to 1,000 kilometers.
Iran will also inaugurate 28 electronic and telecommunication projects today