‘Enemy has launched soft war against Iran’

October 3, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN - National Prosecutor General Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei has stated that the enemy has launched an all-out soft war against Iran.

The enemy is aware of its inability to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran, and thus it has initiated a new war on a new battlefield to interfere with Iran’s police and general public, he said during a military war game held in Tehran on Saturday.
Iran’s sworn enemies, the United States and the Zionist regime, have launched a soft war against the Islamic Republic, he added.
However, Mohseni-Ejei stated that the enemy has not abandoned the traditional means of confrontation with Iran and the enemy is training terrorist groups to create insecurity in the country.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he dismissed the recent economic sanctions the West imposed on Iran over its nuclear program.
“The enemies think they can bring the Iranian people to their knees through economic pressure,” he added.
Commenting on the political and social unrest that occurred after the Iranian presidential election of 2009, he said, “The enemy had seriously counted on the soft war it started last year,” but became disappointed as their efforts proved futile.
On Saturday, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said that Iran is in “a state of soft war.”
This war is cultural and political in nature and is more dangerous than a military confrontation, he added.