Beyond the News

October 24, 2010

Cleric worried about ultra-revolutionary students’ actions

A cleric political activist, Abolhasan Navab, has expressed concern about the extremist actions by certain ultra-revolutionary theological seminary students who are passionate advocates of the current administration. Navab, a senior member of the principlist Combatant Clergy Association, has said these seminary students even tend to disrespect marja taqlid (Shia clerics who are regarded as sources of emulation) in the name of safeguarding Islam whenever they disapprove of marja-taqlid’s remarks. Navab has called on these hard-line seminary students to observe the law and the Supreme Leader’s directives and avoid extremist actions.
Presidential aide has begun campaign for 2013 presidential election
According to the daily Tehran-e Emrooz, one of the high-profile and close allies of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has begun his efforts to court people’s votes for the next presidential election during the cabinet’s provincial trips. During the recent cabinet’s trip to Ardebil, the presidential aide has met with local officials of East Azarbaijan province to gain their support and organize his election campaign in the province.
Top clerics unwilling to meet with certain administration officials
Jafar Shajuni, a member of the Combatant Clergy Association, has commented on the reason behind the reluctance of some grand ayatollahs to meet with certain administration officials. Shajuni believes some grand ayatollahs don’t have good relation with administration due to some nationalistic and anti-clergy stances taken by certain elements close to the administration, and that is why they decline invitations for meetings with certain administration officials.
Presidential advisor’s remarks will undermine national unity
Principlist political activist Maryam Behrouzi has criticized presidential advisor Ali Akbar Javanfekr for making ill-considered remarks about the political structure of the country. Javanfekr, a presidential advisor for press affairs, has recently commented that political groups in the country cannot be categorized as reformists or principlists. Behrouzi believes the country’s two major political groups can not be eliminated and Javanfekr’s remark is a poison for national unity which will only deepen division in the society