Muslims’ vigilance will cause major change, Larijani tells Malaysian diplomat

January 2, 2011

TEHRAN -- Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has said that the increasing awareness of Muslims will bring about a major change in the region.

Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with Malaysia’s new ambassador to Tehran here on Saturday.
He added that the strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is maintaining unity in the Muslim world, increasing economic, cultural, and parliamentary cooperation with Muslim states, and avoiding sectarian strife.
Commenting on the latest developments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, Larijani said, “The foreign powers’ attempts to hatch plots and fan the flames of strife and division in the Muslim world will go nowhere and the final victory will be with the Islamic nations.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, the senior lawmaker highlighted the importance of increased political and parliamentary cooperation between Tehran and Kuala Lumpur.
He added, “The great economic and industrial potential of the two countries must be utilized.”
Larijani also expressed his support for the investment of Malaysian private sector in Iran’s economic projects.
The Malaysian ambassador, for his part, described political ties with Tehran as “favorable”, adding, “We must make efforts to promote economic cooperation between the two states along with political relations.”
He also emphasized cooperation in the area of tourism as well as interaction between delegations of the two countries’ private sectors.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Malaysian ambassador said that his country will defend the rights of Palestinians