Russia launches $650b military plan

February 26, 2011 - 0:0

Russia is planning to spend $650 billion on renewing its military equipments, including helicopters, submarines and warships until 2020.

The plan includes the purchase of 100 warships, 8 nuclear submarines, 600 jets and 1,000 helicopters.
Russia's Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin says the plan would largely extend the number of modern equipments adding the main task is the modernization of the armed forces. However, Popovkin says Russia is not interested in purchasing any foreign weapons or military hardware.
With only 10 percent of its armed forces considered as “modern,” the Kremlin needs to upgrade its decrepit military by recruiting and training new troops as the country continues to rely on its antiquated equipments and is currently short of manpower. A drive to improve the forces is said to have already begun.
The new S-500 anti-missile system is supposed to back the country's missile defense in the near future. However, on the naval front Russia has failed to regain parity with the U.S. as it has not spent on new aircraft carriers.
An independent military analyst Alexander Golts says “Much of Russia's focus appeared mistakenly aimed at keeping nuclear parity with the United States at a time when the greatest threats to the country's security were coming from North Korea and Central Asia.”
(Source: Press TV)