Medvedev warns about redistribution of jobs in economy

March 3, 2011 - 0:0

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev warns about further redistribution of jobs in the country’s economy, which will happen without personnel shake-ups and shocks.

“We should bear in mind that with approach towards innovative economy the labor market will transform,” he told a meeting on employment on Tuesday. “Like it was in other countries, ineffective jobs will be replaced with new ones.”
“The businesses, regions and Russia’s government should provide high technology modern jobs smoothly, they should move towards a modern system of employment without personnel shake-ups and shocks.”
This reform of the labor market is “of interest for the businesses, the state and those who should work at normal places and earn normal money for the work done.”
The meeting on Tuesday finalizes a month’s work, where Medvedev has made several visits to employment centers, met with those out of work and to whom the state pays out support.
“This work was not in vain,” he said. “We managed to see how employment is supported.” The undertaken measures and their results “turned out better than I have expected.”
Many parameters of the employment program “are not on paper only, they are working,” he said.
Medvedev promised that the meeting will result in new initiatives to fight unemployment and to support employment.
(Source: Itar-Tass)