Failure: Is it really a bad word?

March 6, 2011 - 0:0

Failure: a lack of success; that is the dictionary’s definition. Is that what success means to you also? I guess you’re saying yes if the dictionary describes it that way. Who said we have to agree with everything the dictionary says. The dictionary was written by men, God didn’t tell man how to write the dictionary. The dictionary was merely created by a majority of men’s opinions.

In my opinion, failure is not a lack of success but a alternative of success. We take “failure” and tell ourselves we are not good enough, wise enough, strong enough. We can take failure as a form of telling us we should quit, give up, go home and never try again. Or, we can take failure and make it a positive. We can define failure as a means of growing wiser, stronger, and better.
What happens after you fail something? You learn what not to do. Once you know what not to do will you do it again? I hope not unless you like failing.
Failure should not be a definition of not good enough or a term to give up. Failure should be defined as growth, learning what not do to and trying new methods until something is correct and you succeed. Failure should be defined as appreciation, because you will never know how to appreciate success if you never know how it feels to fail.
Too many people take failure to heart, too many people believe failure is a curse, a whip that slashes the skin of their backs and makes them want to escape. Of course failure doesn’t feel good but it shouldn’t be such a horrible word either. Failure gives us the space to grow stronger and wiser, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Failed relationships should be an opportunity to become more wiser of what you’re looking for in a relationship. Once you know what doesn’t work in a relationship then you should have ideas of what would work and go out and look for it. Failing at a sport doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play, it’s merely a way of learning the game and knowing what to do better in the future. If you fail at shooting 3-point shots then try going in for the lay-up in the next game. Or, continue to practice on your 3-point form until you start succeeding at shooting the ball in the net.
If you fail at a test in school doesn’t necessarily mean you should drop the class because you’re not smart enough for it. It merely means that the method you used for studying for the test failed so you should try a new one. That can mean more study hours if you studied minimum hours before, if you studied alone before try studying with a group next time, if you crammed for the test before then try studying ahead of time for the next test.
In conclusion, failure is only a bad word if you let it be, or you can take failure as a chance to learn and grow. Soon, you won’t identify with the word failure much and you will mostly succeed.