Homeopathic treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) patient

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The authors present an interesting study on the effect of Homeopathic remedies on a patient with Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.
Introduction: Type 2 (formerly Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) appears to be prevalent at ‘epidemic’ levels in many places  mainly due to changes in life style, but also because of better diagnosis and improved longevity.
Higher prevalence occurs in Asians, men, and the elderly (18% in men over 80 in Liverpool). Most are over 40 years but teenagers are increasingly getting type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
Cause: Decreased insulin secretion and insulin resistance. It is associated with obesity, lack of exercise and calorie excess. There is about 80% concordance in identical twins, indicating stronger genetic influence than in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.
Typically progresses from a preliminary phase of impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose. Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY) is a rare autosomal dominant form of Diabetes Mellitus affecting young people with a positive family history.
Analysis of the patient: A tall, rather thin and sad 64 yr old widow suffering from this disease for at least five and a half of years, referred to me on the 10th of December 2009. Her father was also a diabetic patient.
Her 2nd daughter had been affected by a stage 4 breast cancer 6 years ago. My patient had been deeply influenced by this occurrence. The patient has been mostly independent financially and otherwise, since 35 years ago when her husband was affected by a schizoaffective disorder.
She used to reproach him badly in front of others. She has done the same to her children. She has been suffering from cramping especially during sleep. She liked to sleep even during the day and her eyes showed peri-orbital edema without any renal involvement.
After taking the case, Nux vomica was found to be the most similar remedy. Prescription: Nux-v. 12c in solid form caused her mild hypoglycemia which was treated instantly at her home. Her fasting blood glucose was checked twice a week.
Thereafter she was put on aqueous Nux.v30 c., which was taken continuously, always after succussing the remedy.
Report of course of treatment: After prescribing the remedy and  insisting on her diabetic diet , her oral anti diabetic agents, Metformin and Glibenclamide  were continued and not tapered, until her FBS decreased from 130 mg/dl to the normal range of 85  mg/dl after 28 days of taking the remedy.
She did not experience any aggravation of her blood sugar. After 60 days of close observation and follow up, her 3 tabs of 500 Metformin and 3 tabs of Glibenclamide were tapered gradually and finally stopped. She had become more alert and not so sleepy as she was in the beginning of treatment.
Her careful obedience to my recommendations and diets helped very much. After stopping the tablets, she was only taking her homeopathic remedy, Nux-v.30c which was also tapered and stopped after 2 weeks. Her FBS was checked once a week. Her mental condition was much better than before starting the treatment.
She felt more energetic and started managing all her seven children who had been married. Thus she imposed a high level of stress on herself. Thereafter her blood glucose began to rise again. A single dose of Sulphur 30c was prescribed and given as a complementary remedy to stabilize and deepen the effect of Nux-v. on her blood glucose and also because of her mentality.
She had been loquacious ever since we knew her and very frightened of snakes,  but always with good self confidence. She took  two other remedies during the 17 months of follow up as single doses: Lachesis mutus 30c and Lycopodium 30c.
Her last blood and urine tests were taken on Jan. 16, 2010. Her Fasting blood glucose 102 mg/dl , Hb A1c near normal limit and her blood pressure ~130/80. Her blood cholesterol and triglyceride had not changed from the treatment, and were mildly higher than the normal range.
Last Monday she was visited at her home. Her mental condition was very good, hopeful, optimistic, and she was only taking 1.5 tabs of Glibenclamide bid. She was happy and content with her treatment . While on the Nux v., she developed a wart behind her left ear.
Conclusion: The results of this case report, shows that multi-potential characteristics and capabilities of the prescribed homeopathic remedies , Nux-v., Sulphur, Lachesis mutus and Lycopodium.
They not only decreased the patient’s FBS to the normal level, but also helped her remain free from taking anti-diabetic drugs for 60 days. She was able to decreased her need for anti-diabetic tablets and developed a much better mental outlook and improved vitality.
Her children, who were very anxious about her treatment by homeopathy, have become very positive due to the wonderful effect on her totality of symptoms. The homeopathic treatment has not only been effective in normalizing her blood sugar and decreasing her need to for anti- diabetics,  but has also improved her totality of symptoms including  significant improvement in mood.
Perhaps, if the complementary remedy Sulphur had been prescribed and taken right after ceasing the first remedy, she might have experienced longer duration of amelioration or been totally cured.
(Source: Hpathy.com