Canada joins Libya no-fly zone

March 17, 2011 - 0:0

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Canada will be sending six CF-18 fighter jets to the Mediterranean to assist in the no-fly zone over Libya.

Canada is one of the countries that has championed the idea of a no-fly zone from the beginning and, according to Harper, will “now take urgent action to support it.”
Along with the jets, Canada will be sending 140 troops that will be joining the 240 aboard the HMS Charlottestown, which is already present in the region to support evacuation and aid in the troubled region.
When the fighter pilots arrive, they will meet with other members of the international team that will be enforcing the no-fly zone to discuss the rules of engagement and figure out a strategy.
The likely missions will involve air-to-air combat and/or strikes against Libyan military facilities or other targets deemed appropriate to curtail Libya’s military.
What is unclear, however, is if all of the work by the international community to get the no-fly zone up and running will be too little, too late.
Libyan forces have defied the international calls for a cease fire and have continued striking rebel positions and killing untold numbers of civilians in the process.