Adebayor keeping options open

April 5, 2011 - 0:0

Emmanuel Adebayor says he would be happy to continue his career in the Premier League if Real Madrid do not make his loan deal permanent.

Adebayor joined Madrid on loan from Manchester City in January after failing to make his mark under Roberto Mancini, and he has expressed his desire to remain at the Bernabeu.
However, it remains unclear whether Madrid intend to make an approach in the summer and Adebayor says he is keeping his options option.
""I have been playing in England for five years, I had the chance to play in France for a couple of years, so it is a good time for me to play in Spain,"" he said. ""If I have the chance to go back to England one day, why not?
""I will never throw England away. I love the football, I love the atmosphere, but don't get me wrong - I'm very happy where I am.
""The future will show where I go but, for now, I am just happy to be on the football pitch again, playing football. That's all that matters now. We will talk in the summer about what I am going to do about my career.""
Adebayor again stressed that he feels he is loved at Madrid and said he felt the same from the Arsenal fans.
""When I first joined Manchester City, I was very happy. At the beginning, everything started very well. I was pleased, I was playing and I was scoring goals.
""Suddenly we had a game against Arsenal and you all know what happened. From then it went downhill for me. It was a difficult moment for me. We changed the bosses: Mark Hughes left, Roberto Mancini came along and it was even more difficult.
""But today the difference between leaving Arsenal and going to Manchester is that at Arsenal the fans loved me. I think even today they love me.
""When I come to Madrid, I feel the same atmosphere. I feel the fans love me here as well.""
Despite his feeling that he was never able to win over the City fans, Adebayor insists he has no regrets over the move but stressed that he found it difficult to accept that Arsene Wenger had agreed to sell him.
""It was a tough moment when the club asked me to leave,"" he said. ""It was the most difficult moment in my life because when I grew up my dream was one day to play for and stay at Arsenal and all my dreams stopped there.
""I did not go beyond Arsenal. I know there are a lot of bigger clubs than Arsenal, but it was my dream because my hero played there, Nwankwo Kanu, so my dream was to play for them as long as possible.
""But when I came back from holidays and they told me that I had to leave the club, it was very difficult for me. After that, there was interest from Manchester City in me, so I went there. I was very happy.""
(Source: Soccernet)