Tehran street named after writer, director Nader Ebrahimi

April 11, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- A Tehran street was recently named after veteran Iranian writer and director Nader Ebrahimi.

Following the recent approval of the Tehran City Council, the Seventeenth Street of Kargar Avenue was renamed Nader Ebrahimi, his widow Farzaneh Mansuri told the Persian service of MNA on Sunday.
Ebrahimi lived the last twenty years of his life in a home located on the street.
Mansuri said that she will resume talks with the officials at the Tehran Municipality to install a stele at the street to introduce Ebrahimi to passersby who do not know him.
Some passersby would be interested in knowing why this street is named after Ebrahimi and who he was, she said, adding, “And I am trying to pursue the organizations in charge to install the stele bearing a brief introduction about Ebrahimi.
It would be a good idea if any street named after a martyr or a scholar would have a stele with a brief summary on that person, she added.
Ebrahimi died at 72 from Alzheimer’s disease in his home in Tehran in June 2008. He was afflicted by the disease and left his work in 2001.
He is known mostly as a novelist. “Three Looks at the Man Coming From”, “Forty Short Letters to My Wife”, “A Man in Last Banishment”, “On the Blue Red Paths”, “Tomorrow Is Not Like Today”, “Ibn Mashghaleh”, “A Quiet Loving”, and “Dragon’s Tale” are some of the many books he has written.
Ebrahimi began his career as a director with the TV series “Fire without Smoke” and the screen version was called “The Sound of the Desert” (1975). His second and last film was “The Day When the Air Stopped”.
He also directed Hami and Kami in “Long Journeys to Their Homeland”, another TV series which was broadcast by the Iranian state TV before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Photo: Nader Ebrahimi in an undated photo