Has Formula One become too complicated?

April 12, 2011 - 0:0

The Malaysian Grand Prix was certainly action-packed, but with the constant leapfrogging between cars, the increased pits stops and the changing strategies during the race, is Formula One becoming too confusing for fans?

This season drivers have had to contend with the addition of adjustable rear wings, the return of the KERS power boost system and, most significant of all, the switch to fast-wearing Pirelli tyres.
Drivers were making up to four stops in Sepang, and that was without the torrential rain which was forecast.
It was not only confusing for the viewers. After securing a second place finish and his first podium of the season, McLaren’s Jenson Button admitted: “It was a really confusing race; trying to understand the pit stops. I don’t think anyone really knew who was going to finish behind Seb
Button added that he thought, overall, the changes were having a positive effect on the racing.
“It is complicated but at this point in the season it is going to be. I think it was the correct thing to do to make the tyres as they are. I think it’s working well. And as the season goes on we will understand the tyres more and more. The races will calm down, but hopefully not too much.""
(Source: Telegraph)