Egyptians to rally for governor ouster

April 25, 2011 - 0:0

Egyptian protesters in the city of Qena have planned another million-man march next Friday, declaring the day as the 'Friday of Dignity and Public Will.'

According to the protesters, the upcoming rally aims to push for the removal of a new Coptic Christian governor that is accused of being loyal to ousted President Hosni Mubarak.
They insist that unity between Egyptian Muslims and Christians will be their main motto in the coming days.
Meanwhile, protesters in Qena are also planning another mass rally next week to demand the removal of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and the trial of his deputy, Yehiya al-Gamal.
Egyptian Judicial sources say the assets of several former officials and ministers have been frozen over corruption and abuse of power.
Ousted president Hosni Mubarak is facing charges of using violence against protesters and corruption. His family is being charged with corruption, as well.
Egyptian activists say Mubarak must be tried for killing hundreds of protesters during the country's popular uprising that led to his February 11 ouster.
An Egyptian government's fact-finding commission report states that 846 people were killed and more than 6,400 others were injured during Egypt's historic revolution.
In April, an Egyptian court dissolved the former ruling National Democratic Party of ousted Mubarak and froze its assets.
(Source: Press TV)