Wenger to decide on Cesc sale

April 30, 2011 - 0:0

Arsene Wenger has told Cesc Fabregas he is going nowhere this summer — unless Arsenal decide to sell him. SunSport revealed earlier this week that the Gunners privately admit they could struggle to keep hold of their talismanic captain during the next transfer window.

Barcelona tried and failed to secure the Spaniard's services last summer, but missed out when Wenger refused to budge.
And publicly at least, the Frenchman remains adamant that the future of his captain will be dictated by his current club alone.
Wenger said: ""We play our game against Manchester United on Sunday, and we are not on the transfer market.
""We do not want to sell our players — so all the players who have contracts will stay here unless we decide otherwise.""
He added: ""We want to keep our best players. This is a subject that in fairness is not very creative.
""We have answered that in nearly 80 per cent of our press conferences and at some stage it has to stop.""
While Wenger admits he will look to bring in some fresh faces ahead of next season, he remains confident his young squad are heading in the right direction.
He added: ""There are some things — when the team has lost a little bit of confidence, is a bit more nervous, is in a more difficult patch — that you pay for, but you do not necessary pay for every year.
""We had a blow on Sunday with a last-minute goal and it is vital for us to show that we have some mental qualities and finish with a very strong fighting spirit.
""Manchester United are now in a very strong position, but we have to fight until the end of the last second of the championship.
""The title is very unlikely for us now — let's not hide the truth — but the pride of our group is to first of all finish in the Champions League places.
""We have to look back and we have to look in front because even if there is a minimal chance, we have to fight for it.""
(Source: SUN)