U.S. plans to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear facilities: Ahmadinejad

June 8, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the United States plans to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear facilities to weaken the Pakistani government and people.

“We have precise information that the Americans are seeking to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear facilities so that they can gain control over the Pakistani nation and government and weaken them,” Ahmadinejad told a press conference on Tuesday.
He added that the U.S. is also seeking to “use the Unites Nations Security Council and some other international organizations as a lever to pave the way for its increased presence in Pakistan with the aim of undermining Pakistan’s national sovereignty,” he added.
The president also revealed that the U.S. has hatched a plot to change the situation in Bahrain in its own favor.
“We have information that in Bahrain, where they (the Americans) themselves gave leeway for the mistreatment of people, they are seeking to enter the scene as the self-proclaimed supporter of the people and pressure the Bahraini ruler to accept certain conditions and restore part of people’s rights to resolve the issue,” he proclaimed.
“The Americans want to gain popularity among the regional nations through the implementation of this plan and portray themselves as the upholder of people’s rights,” he stated.
Commenting on the U.S. government’s international policies, Ahmadinejad said although a new government came to power in the U.S., the nature of the ruling system didn’t change.
“Only the masks have changed. Campaign against terrorism was the mask of the previous U.S. administration, but the mask of the current administration is supporting nations’ rights,” he explained.
Ahmadinejad added the previous U.S. administration established a “violent” Islamic movement to deceive people and prepare the ground for the deployment of its forces in certain parts of the world.
“And the current U.S. administration is promoting a liberal Islam which recognizes the hegemony of the U.S. and the existence of the expansionist and ‘anti-humanitarian’ Zionist regime.”
But the regional nations have not forgotten that the problems facing the region, including wars, massacres, assassinations, dictatorship over the past decades have all been the result of the hegemonistic countries’ policies, especially the U.S. and its allies, he added.
Ahmadinejad also pointed to the Palestine issue, saying all displaced Palestinians must return to their homeland.
“The entire Palestinian nation should become united and the regional nations should also help them to save their country.”
The president again warned about the global arrogance’s plot to salvage the illegitimate Zionist regime.
They want to put heavy pressure on the Palestinians to make major concessions and accept their plan, which is the establishment of two separate Palestinian and Israeli states, he stated.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Ahmadinejad said that he has no intention to respond to the recent smear campaign mounted by certain political groups against his government.
“My stance toward slandering and creating commotion (against the government) is silence,” he said.