Eight ambassadors submit credentials to Rouhani

October 28, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – In separate meetings on Tuesday the new ambassadors of Sudan, Denmark, the Netherlands, Mali, India, Spain, Japan and Uzbekistan presented their credentials to President Hassan Rouhani.

During the meetings the president and ambassadors discussed the pressing needs of the world and Iran’s relations with these countries.

‘Problems in Islamic world should be settled politically’

During the talks with Sudanese Ambassador Adel Ibrahim Mostafa, Rouhani said the problems in the Islamic world should be resolved politically with the help of Islamic countries.

“I hope we would not see war and blood shedding in the region [the Mideast region] in the future and if there is a problem in the world of Islam, we should make efforts to solve it through non-military ways,” Rouhani told the new Sudanese ambassador.

For his part, the Sudanese ambassador said the nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) was a milestone as the West recognized Iran’s legitimate right to nuclear technology.

Rouhani urges closer ties between private sectors of Iran and Denmark

In the meeting with Danny Annan, the new Danish ambassador to Tehran, Rouhani highlighted the importance of closer ties between the two countries’ private sectors.

The president described relations between Iran and Denmark as “good and historical”, saying that Tehran welcomes expansion of ties with Copenhagen.

Annan said that Danish officials are determined to expand relations with Iran.

Dutch envoy says Iran plays effective role in Middle East

In his talks with Dutch Ambassador Susana Trastal, Rouhani also called for expansion of economic relations with the Netherlands in the light of the new atmosphere created by the nuclear agreement between Iran and great powers.

Trastal said that the nuclear agreement expedites expansion of ties between Iran and the Netherlands.

She also said that Iran plays and important and effective role in the region.

‘Iran interested in expanding ties with African countries’

Iran is interested in expanding ties with African countries, Rouhani said in the meeting with Malian Ambassador to Tehran Bobakr. G. Diall.

He also said, “Iran seeks to help establish stability and security in all countries, especially in Mali, and will spare no efforts in this regard.”

Rouhani also called on Islamic countries to help prevent a reoccurrence of the Mina tragedy in Mecca on September 24 in which about 7500 pilgrims from different countries were killed.

The Malian ambassador said that his country is pursuing the issue of the Mina incident.

‘It is essential to expand Iran-India relations’

While receiving the credentials of Indian Ambassador Saurabh Kumar, Rouhani said it is essential to expand Iran-India relations given the regional situation.

Kumar also said that New Delhi is ready to expand ties with Iran in various spheres.

‘Cruel sanctions will be lifted by end of 2015’

The “cruel sanctions” imposed on Iran will be removed by the end of 2015, the president said in the meeting with Eduardo López Busquetsand, the new Spanish ambassador to Tehran.

Rouhani also said there is no impediment to expansion of ties between Iran and Spain.

Elsewhere, the president said Spain can play a “positive” role in the campaign against countering terrorism.

For his part, the Spanish diplomat said that his country is determined to expand relations with Iran.

‘Iran, Japan determined to deepen ties’

In his meeting with Japanese Ambassador Hiroyasu Kobayashi, the president said that Iran and Japan are politically determined to deepen relations.

The new Japanese ambassador also insisted that Tokyo seeks to expand relations with Iran.

The Iranian president also received Bahador Abdullaev, the new Uzbek ambassador, during which the two sides called for closer ties between Tehran and Tashkent.