Music director of Tehran Symphony Orchestra elaborates on cancellation of Friday’s program

November 30, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The conductor and music director of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra has elaborated on the reason for the cancellation of a concert that the orchestra was scheduled to perform Friday during the closing ceremony of the World Wrestling Clubs Cup at Tehran’s Azadi Sports Complex.

“Everything seemed to be ok and we were ready to perform the national anthem,” Ali Rahbari told the Persian service of ISNA on Sunday.

“However, 15 minutes before the performance, we were suddenly informed that the orchestra would not be allowed to perform with its female performers,” he added.

“This remark upset me and I said that I would never accept this insult. Either we all will perform together or we all will leave the hall,” he stated.

However, the organizers again refused to allow the orchestra to perform with its female musicians and consequently the performance was called off.

Based on Islamic law, female singers are not allowed to perform solo for an audience of men in Iran, but there is no legal limit on female instrumentals in the country.