Play highlights negative energy from natural disasters in Japan

January 26, 2016 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The Japanese troupe Dazzle is competing in the 34th Fajr International Theater Festival with a play focusing on the negative energy, which spread everywhere from the natural disasters that hit their country over the past few decades.

The play entitled “The Shadow Game” was performed twice at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Saturday and Sunday.

“As light and brightness have positive energy, darkness and shadow produce negative energy,” director Tatsuya Hasegawa said during a press conference on Sunday.

“Presenting evil and good and the clash between positive and negative energy is the main aim of our play,” he added

“I show the effects of the natural disasters in Japan in the play; the negative energy of the disasters that hit Japan have expanded everywhere and in the play, we show how the negative is gradually changed into a shadow and darkness that covers everywhere,” Hasegawa stated.

He said that he does his best to keep the audience at his plays satisfied.

“The Shadow Game” was performed by a cast composed of Takehiro Kaneda, Shinji Arai, Koichiro Iizuka, Kazuhiko Miyagawa, Atsushi Nagumo and Yuki Watanabe. Iizuka is also the writer of the play.

Hasegawa, 39, also participated in the Fajr International Theater Festival in 2012 by staging “Misty Mansion”, which won the award for best play.

The 34th Fajr International Theater Festival will end on February 1.

Photo: Japanese director Tatsuya Hasegawa attends a press conference in Tehran on January 24, 2016 to talk about his play “The Shadow Game”, which was performed during the 34th Fajr International Theater Festival.