Brazil’s Falcão named Futsal Player of the World; Iran’s Heidarian stands 10th

July 3, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN (futsalplanet.

com) -- No surprises in finding out the name of the winner. After one more impressive season voters expressed a clear preference in favor of Alessandro Rosa Vieira, everywhere known as Falcão. The brazilian worldwide absolute star of futsal gained a total amount of 88 points, closing the final standing with more that 50 advantage points over the Division De Honor top players Schumacher (second classified with 35 points) and Luis Amado (third one with 32 pts). The leading trio was followed by Marquinho and Kike (his 5th position was maybe the only surprising data, taking in consideration the great season experienced by the spanish cierre of ElPozo Murcia). Iranian skipper Mohammadreza Heidarian, now plating for the Tehran-based Esteqlal, took the 10th place